DaniWeb API microsite


My client applications for DaniWeb will request authorization for "dwapi.pritaeas.net". You will see the following information on the authorization page:

You can login/authorize my client applications.

Client Applications

Bin -- Paste a code snippet with a title and syntax highlight. Optionally post the link automatically in the Community Center Chat. Authorization required (see above).

DwArticleWatch -- Shows the 10 latest articles. Authorization required (see above). New additions and updates to showing articles are highlighted. You can filter using the dropdown.

DwRssDashboard -- Overview of the newest five items per (sub)forum. No authorization required.

DwWatchedArticles -- Shows your watched articles. Authorization required (see above). Note that articles in the Business Exchange section are not shown. You can filter using the dropdown.

Under construction

LinkFarm -- Collection of useful links. Authorization required (see above).

API Wrapper

You can find my wrapper classes and demos on GitHub. I also have sourcecode documentation.

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